Q. Who Loads the Junk?

If you rent a trailer, you will be responsible for loading it (weekend rates will apply). If you use our services, our workers will load the junk for you.

Depending on the circumstances, you can just set your trash, junk, and remodeling waste out on your driveway, curb, or front yard and give us a call. We will send out a truck and trailer and workers to load up the trash and haul it off.

We can send you before and after pictures once the work has been completed.

Q. How Far in Advance Do I Need to Schedule?

Usually we can get to customer the same day, or the day after they call. On weekdays we can usually provide faster service. Weekends are usually busier because more people are off work and utilizing that time to move. If you can schedule 3 or 4 days in advance we should have no problem accomodating your needs.

It is important to note that the landfills close early on Saturday, are closed all day on Sunday, and close at 4 pm on weekdays. So, IF we happen to get a lot of customers on Saturday mornings, we may not have a place to dump everything and have no room left in our trailer(s) to take on more customers until Monday we the landfills open.

Q. What items do you haul away?

The following is a detailed list of all the items we take. If you have an item that is NOT on this list, Just ask Bubba:

Washers & Dryers

Car Batteries

Lawn Equipment
Push Mowers
Water Heaters
Pots and Pans
Bath Tubs
Fire Pits
Air Conditioners

Office and Industrial
Filing Cabinets
Chairs and Desk
Computer Servers
Computer Towers
Steel Beams
Stainless Steel

Exercise Equipment
Tool Boxes

Q. Where on Earth do you Take All that Junk?

It depends on what it is, and how much time we have to clear our trailers for the next job. If items are worth much and are in good condition we will resell them, donate them, or sometimes even fix them and resell them. Recyclable materials such as cardboard, plastics, some electronics, and metals are recycled as much as possible (it saves us money actually, and its good for the environment). All other household and construction waste is either taken to a type I or type IV landfill where we pay to dump it. Type I landfills accept just about any kind of waste except hazardous chemicals, while IV landfills do not accept food, electronics (some do, most don’t), or chemicals so we separate out these items before disposal. Batteries are taken to the scrap yard and tires are disposed of at local tire shops, most of which have the tires transported to a tire recycling facility that turns them into energy or products like rubber mulch. Junk disposal is almost like an art form, and a book could be written on this subject but this is how it works in a nutshell.

The type IV landfills near the North West Houston area are the Hawthorne Park Landfill off Tanner Rd which is near Beltway 8 and 290 (close to Cypress, Jersey Village), the Katy landfill off Greenhouse Rd near Clay Rd, and the Tall Pines Landfill off East Hardy which is near 1960 and I-45 (closer to Spring, Woodlands, Tomball). These landfills charge based on volume and do not cater too well to new customers as far as explaining everything/directing you where to go. If you would like to save some money on your junk removal by doing it yourself feel free to call us at 281-610-6682 and we would be happy to explain things to you, we understand that money can be tight and don’t mind offering friendly advice. Type I landfills in the North Houston area that are open to the public include the Hardy Road Transfer Station owned by Waste Connections. At this location they charge by the weight of trash dumped not volume. If you go to the transfer station, prepare your self for the stench and wear work boots that you don’t care about, because the landfill mud is stinky and quite frankly filled trash juice from the entire city.

Q. How many pick up truck loads will fit in a dumpster?

An eight foot long pick up truck bed filled only to the top of the sides of the bed is about 3 cubic yards. Going by this estimation, our 15 yard dumpsters will fit about 5 pick up trucks worth of trash, and our 7.5 yard dumpsters will fit 2.5 truck beds worth of trash.

Q. Are your local moving and junk removal services safe?

Our team of professional movers and junk removers are 100% licensed and insured for the safety of our clients and their property.

Q. Do you do furniture removal?

Whether it’s your old couch, bed, dresser, or table, we can handle all furniture removal.

Q. Does your trailer rental include insurance?



Q. What is a Trash Out?

A “Trash Out” is a removal of discarded, unwanted or unclaimed property located at a private residence, or commercial property. Trash Outs’ are typically ordered and facilitated by the property owner, property manager, court/officer of the court, or law enforcement.

Q. I was a tenant at a place you did a Trash Out at. Can I get my property back?

Unfortunately, once property has been left on premises and the tenant no longer has any claim to occupy the property, the belongings are considered abandoned. During an eviction, either the officer of the court or the landlord provide the evicted party the opportunity to take and retrieve whatever property they can physically carry.

In other cases, the evicted party is required to vacate immediately, but then are able to return to retrieve. Once we have been hired, it is typically after attempts by the owner to return said property have been exhausted in accordance with local and applicable laws.

Q. I am property owner evicting a tenant. Will you do my Trash Out with discretion?

Absolutely! We handle these delicate situations with extreme care, dignity and the upmost professionalism. We know how time consuming, stressful and costly an eviction process can be. We will work quickly so you can be ready for the next tenant, and if needed sign any NDAs’ (non-disclosure agreements).

Q. Can you do a Trash Out of any external structures?

Absolutely! We can clean out a shed, garage, large storage container, etc. Just point it out, and we’ll clean it out.

Q. The previous tenant had a playground set in the backyard. Can this be removed as well?

Yes! Depending on the item most playground equipment including swing sets can be removed. As long as removing it will not destroy the integrity of any nearby structures or property we will happily remove it.

If in doubt, Just ask Bubba!